America Inside Out with Katie Couric: Re-Righting History 透視美國:匡正歷史

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2018/12/04 第392期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


America Inside Out with Katie Couric: Re-Righting History  透視美國:匡正歷史

by Evan Witkowski

Get some insights into American culture and history with journalist Katie Couric.


  Napoleon Bonaparte once famously said, “History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.” Americans, however, can’t seem to agree when it comes to the Civil War, fought between 1861 to 1865. The differences in viewpoint have become more pronounced in the current American political climate, causing new tension to arise over the issue of Civil War monuments and memorials in the former Confederate states. Seen as symbols of slavery and oppression, many statues of Confederate military leaders have been removed, and names of roads, schools, and other institutions have been changed. But some people, including those whose family members fought for the Confederate side that lost the American Civil War, feel that getting rid of the monuments is a threat to their version of history and their own identity.
  Adamant about their self-proclaimed rights as descendants of the Confederates, not a few of these conservatives are white nationalists, neo-Nazis, or the alt-righters. They form various hate groups and believe that honoring Confederate generals is an appropriate way to address their complicated past. Instead of being ashamed of the racism and hatred represented by some staunch supporters of the Confederacy, they are proud to celebrate this controversial aspect of American culture.
  On National Geographic’s America Inside Out with Katie Couric: Re-Righting History, acclaimed journalist Katie Couric investigates the issue from all sides. This series examines the conservative side of this argument and interviews historians and activists who support the removal of Confederate memorials. During her in-depth coverage, Couric witnessed the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, where hate groups attacked counterprotestors and spread their shocking message of bigotry to the world. Catch all the action and get a firsthand experience of the conflict on National Geographic’s America Inside Out with Katie Couric: Re-Righting History.


pronounced a. 明顯的,顯著的
climate n. 形勢;趨勢;氣候
confederate a.(大寫)美利堅邦聯的;同盟的 & n.(大寫)(美國南北戰爭時)美利堅邦聯的支持者
: the Confederacy  美利堅邦聯
adamant a. 堅持的;固執的
descendant n. 後代,後裔
nationalist n. 民族∕國家主義者
neo-Nazi n. 新納粹分子
alt-righter n. 另類右派分子,非主流右派分子
: alt-right n. 另類右派,非主流右派
racism n. 種族主義;種族歧視
staunch a. 堅定的
activist n. 社會運動者;積極分子
counterprotestor n. 反抗議者
bigotry n. 偏執

1. inside out  徹徹底底地;裡外翻轉
I know Alex inside out. There’s no way he could have committed the crime.

2. get insight into…  洞悉∕深入了解……
insight n. 洞悉,深入了解
I’m taking a philosophy class to get insight into my own mind.

3. get rid of…  除去∕擺脫……
This brand of shampoo can help you get rid of dandruff.
*dandruff n. 頭皮屑(不可數)

4. be ashamed of…  為……感到羞愧
ashamed a. 感到羞愧的(以人為主詞)
: shameful a. 可恥的(以事為主詞)
Tim was ashamed of his bad behavior towards his mother just now.
Nina’s lack of respect for her parents is shameful.

1. journalist n. 新聞從業人員;記者
A good journalist knows the difference between facts and opinions.

2. issue n. 議題,問題 & vt. 發布;發行
The issue of sexual discrimination was widely discussed during the meeting.
*sexual discrimination  性別歧視
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued several travel warnings after terrorist attacks happened in that country.

3. oppression n. 壓迫
: oppress vt. 壓迫,壓制
Every human being has the right to freedom from oppression.
The tyrant who oppressed his people was finally overthrown.

4. conservative n. 保守分子 & a. 保守的
Generally speaking, old people are more conservative.

5. appropriate a. 合適的,適當的
be appropriate for…  適合……
: inappropriate a. 不適合的
Jeans are obviously not appropriate for formal occasions.
It was inappropriate for Fiona to go to the party while her mother was so ill.

6. address vt. 處理;探討(問題)
We will address the problems at the end-of-the-month meeting.

7. hatred n. 仇恨,恨意
Wars and hatred tore the small country apart.

8. controversial a. 爭議性的
: controversy n. 爭議,爭論
The issue of human cloning is still highly controversial.
There is a lot of controversy over the extraction of natural gas.
*extraction n. 開採;抽取

9. acclaimed a. 受到讚揚的
: acclaim vt. 稱讚
Andrew’s latest album was an acclaimed masterpiece.
Professor Smith’s work has been acclaimed as the best of its genre.

10. coverage n. 新聞報導;覆蓋範圍
The newspaper gave the celebrity’s divorce sensational coverage.
This paper provides a comprehensive coverage of the subject we’re talking about.



  拿破崙.波拿巴有一句名言:「歷史是針對過去事件人們決定同意的版本。」然而,提到 1861 年至 1865 年間的南北戰爭,美國人似乎無法達成共識。觀點的不同在當前的美國政治情勢裡更加顯著,導致在前美利堅邦聯(編按:或稱美利堅聯盟國、美利堅諸州同盟,是 1861 年至 1865 年間從美利堅合眾國分裂而出的十一個南方蓄奴州所形成的政權,與北方由亞伯拉罕.林肯領導的聯邦政府進行內戰。)各州內南北戰爭紀念碑及紀念物的議題上產生新的緊張。許多被視為奴隸制度和壓迫象徵的美利堅邦聯軍事領導人雕像已被移除,道路、學校和其他機構的名稱也已變更。但有些人(包含那些家人曾為輸掉南北戰爭的美利堅邦聯作戰的人們)認為移除那些紀念碑威脅到自己的歷史版本及身分認同。





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